SWAYS Records

Independent Record label
& Cultural Regenerator
- Salford, England -


General Enquiries: swaysrecords@gmail.com

Regional Director of Operations (North West): Benjamin Ward (benwardg@gmail.com)

Sound Recorder General: Marten Hurley

Head of Internal Affairs: Lois Macdonald

Glamorous Assistant: Helen Collett

Minister of Propaganda: Matthew Boswell (mattjboswell@gmail.com)

Head of Image Control: Steven R. Cherry (srchrry@gmail.com)

Mistress of Photography: Natalie Curtis

Foreign Advisor (Balkan Regions): Juliana Hutai




Demos: We accept music. Please note: we try and listen to everything we receive, however, we do not always have time to respond. We prefer to be out in town if we’re listening to music, see.