SWAYS Records

Independent Record label
& Cultural Regenerator
- Salford, England -


We are pleased to announce the inaugural SWAYS long player, GHOST OUTFIT – I Want You To Destroy Me. Recorded in our beloved Bunker, the album documents the bitterness of separation and young love gone wrong. Conceived and delivered as a musical whole, with a crafted, tuneful pop aesthetic emerging through dense layers of noise and distortion, I Want You To Destroy Me is not so much a sound as a state of mind.

'The first SWAYS masterpiece.' – Atrocity Boy

1. Too Soon
2. Switch
4. _
5. Sleep
6. Words
7. Lexicon
8. I Want Someone Else
9. Killuhs
10. What You’ve Got
11. Kids

Available [HERE] on limited edition 12” heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital. Please note: all vinyl comes with CD and digital.

Available as a digital only album [HERE]

Recorded by Marten Hurley in the Bunker, Salford, England. 
Produced by Marten Hurley & Ghost Outfit.
Mastered by Joe Lambert, JLM Sound, New York, USA.
Artwork by Will Sharp (Grotesque Nouveau).

Photograph by Andrew Moss (c) 2013.

Photograph by Grotesque Nouveau, edited by Ghost Outfit (c) 2013

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Press: will@inhousepress.com

Album artwork: Will Sharp (Grotesque Nouveau)

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